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Go Diving at Taipú de Fora

Taipú de Fora is one of the largest natural tide pools in Brazil, with a great variety of fish at depths ranging from 1 to 4 meters. Tide pools are very sensitive to the moon phases and the best time to visit them is during the full moon or during the new moon. Our Beach Bike tour leaves Barra Grande 2 hours before high tide just so you can enjoy the entire coast and arrive at the tide pools at the right moment to dive. That is when the coral reef gets fully exposed and the water is pristine, clear and calm.


Ride the Beach Bike to

Go Watching the Sunset at Ponta do Mutá

The sunset at Ponta do Mutá is one of the best attractions of the entire peninsula and for those who are in Taipú de Fora it is also an excellent opportunity to make a beautiful Beach Bike ride. We have tours during the low tide leaving Taipú, running along the coast and arriving in Ponta do Mutá at the right time for you to enjoy the great view. Check our site for tides table and the right date to do the tour.


Ride the Beach Bike to

Relax by the Carapitangui River

The Carapitangui River is one of the most beautiful spots in the Barra Grande region and the best way to explore its bay is by Beach Bike. It’s a short ride with a lot of attractions. Other options include a nice walk in the picturesque village of Ilha do Campinho and canoe ride to explore the swamps. The most relaxing option of all however is to hang by the river drinking some coconut water or beer, eating some fresh caught fish or seafood.


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the amazing Lagoa Azul  (The Blue Lagoon)

One of the most famous and most visited spots in the entire region is Lagoa Azul – or Blue Lagoon. It sits pretty close to the Taipú de Fora beach and it is excellent for swimming. Its warm waters reflect a bluish color giving it its name. Our tour leaves the tide pools at Taipú de Fora and takes you to the trail to get to the lagoon. From there, we take on an easy 10 minutes walk to reach this true oasis of beauty and tranquility.


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the exclusive Tour of the Moon

The Beach Bike team promotes a few special group tours based on the full moon and the perfect tide combination. One of these tours, the Tour of the Moon, includes night riding under the full moon, and a luau dinner by the sea – an amazing and unforgettable experience.